The Old 97's Rhett Miller Can Still Hit the High Notes on Too Far To Care, and He Loves Throwing a Frisbee Inside the Fillmore

This Sunday, Sept. 2, at the Fillmore, Texas-bred alt-country heroes the Old 97's will perform one of their greatest and most beloved albums, 1997's Too Far to Care, in its entirety. (A second set of other songs will follow.) Many tunes from this classic major label debut have stayed in the band's setlist over the years, like album opener and show closer “Timebomb.” But others, like “Broadway,” are rarely heard live anymore. Ahead of the show, we spoke to eloquent singer and songwriter Rhett Miller about hitting some of those old high notes, why the band chose to do a classic album tour despite just putting out two strong albums, and his curious habit of playing Frisbee inside San Francisco's hallowed Fillmore.

It's your first time doing a tour like this, where you play a whole album. How are you feeling about that?

Well, I think I would feel weirder about it if I hadn't seen a couple of bands that I really admire do it. I got to see the Pixies do Doolittle, and I got to see the Wedding Present do Seamonsters, and it was really cool. It's an experience. Last night we did a little private thing just to try it out, and it felt great. It's different from a regular set, because with the regular set I'm so conscious of never having a patch where people are stuck with too many songs from one record. Also [making Too Far To Care] was such a sweet time, we were so young and naive and full of hope and devoid of cynicism. So I gotta say, playing it last night it was a little bit transcendent. It took me back so much to that sweet little moment all these years ago.

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