The Pack's Lil B Releases Printed Collection of Text Messages

Who says you need a lot of words to put a book together?

The Pack's Lil B has a new printed release out today, a publication whose focus is keeping rap music “positive.” Comprising “text messages and emails to his thousands of fans and friends,” the $26.99 Takin Over  aims to send a message of love to hip-hop fans tired of hearing rappers boast about violence.

I've yet to check out the book, but I am slightly intrigued by the idea of creating a publication based solely on interactions with fans. I imagine the Twitter generation will quickly generate similar books from entertainers eager to collect their twiticisms and instant-communication gratifications to and from fans all in one place. We could have entire encyclopedia volumes on known blogosphere oversharers like Courtney Love (who swore off Twitter earlier this fall) and Ryan Adams, with specific editions just on the wars of words engaged by 140 character off the cuff rants, no?

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