The Roxie's Post-Punk Film Series This Weekend: Here's What You Need to Know

We absolutely thrive on live music, but the snarky bartenders, fickle sound systems, and the general social hustle of attending local concerts can be draining. Occasionally we need a weekend of solitude and darkness, but don't want to forego assimilating new music and information about it. Luckily, this weekend a special film series has been curated at the Roxie Theater that simultaneously sates our need for music and isolation. The program, entitled “This Must Be the Place: Post-Punk Tribes 1978-1982,” is being shown over three evenings this weekend, July 27-29. Each night features an array of obscure and unreleased documentaries, live footage, and low-budget films exploring regional punk scenes internationally. Every night of the series is enticing, but we're understandably biased towards Saturday, when the selections revolve around San Francisco's eclectic early punk and post-punk scenes. Here's a rundown on what to expect on all three nights:


The first night of “This Must be the Place” features films focused on the divergent paths of punk in late-70's Europe. Quickly after the initial punk explosion, European groups splintered into a variety of subgenres. By the time the Sex Pistols disbanded, distinct styles of punk and what is now referred to as “post-punk” sprung up amongst art students, degenerates, and opportunistic professional musicians alike. Friday's first showing is La Brute Et Moi, a film shot in France in 1979. The plot is underdeveloped at best, but performances from Edith Nylon, The Dogs, The Party, Ici Paris, and Anoushka's leading role encapsulate French New Wave proclivities at their finest. Following that is Rough Cut and Ready Dubbed, a documentary focused on English Oi! and 2nd wave ska bands like Cockney Rejects, Sham 69, and The Selecter. A secret film will be shown following these two that the Roxie's website insists we have never seen. Judging by the obscurity of the announced films, we believe it.

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