The S.F Symphony Performs The Matrix Soundtrack Live, 7/27/13

The Matrix Live with the San Francisco Symphony

July 27, 2013

Davies Symphony Hall

Better than: Watching pretty much any movie the Wachowskis have made since.

As an inveterate, semi-professional music nerd, I'm always trying to figure out ways to entice my kids into seeing live concerts. Getting my 11-year-old son excited about checking out bands he's already into, like Motörhead and Iron Maiden, is easy. But trying to talk him into anything outside his narrow musical wheelhouse requires no small amount of carrot dangling.

Having witnessed his abject boredom firsthand at past elementary school visits to Davies Symphony Hall, I knew any classical music experience would be a tough sell. When I saw that The Matrix was going to be shown with live symphony accompaniment as part of the Film with the SFS series, I figured the movie's ample ass-kicking and dystopic vision of the future would appeal to the boy's sci-fi/gamer sensibilities.

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