The Selecter DJ Kirk on the Sweater Funk Parties and What's Missing in Current R&B

Soul and funk guru The Selecter DJ Kirk has been dubbed the unofficial mayor of San Francisco by friends and peers. Born and raised in S.F., he is recognized for his all-embracing knowledge of soul music through the decades, his extensive record collection, and for producing events like Soul It's the Real Thing. He is also part of the Sweater Funk crew, whose all-vinyl parties are known throughout the nation. Taking place every Sunday in the basement of a Chinatown's Li Po Lounge, the party showcases a spectrum of old soul, R&B, and funk music. All Shook Down spoke with Kirk about the secrets of Sweater Funk and his favorite vinyl records. He plays New Year's Eve at Som Bar with the Sweater Funk members and headliners Opolopo & Amalia.

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