The Six Best Heartbreaking Lyrics on Girls' Broken Dreams Club EP

Broken Dreams Club is the typically anguished title of the latest record (out today!) from San Francisco's Girls — a six-song, 35-minute EP that polishes the edges and trims the hedges from the achy vintage rock of the group's lauded 2009 debut. On the new songs — which are actually older Girls tunes and live staples that were only recently recorded — frontman Christopher Owens gets even better at putting feeling (almost always sadness) into words. We're struck by the effective simplicity of his lyrics — the emotional penetration he packs into a few basic lines. (Something that Owens has told us is a major goal of his.) Here, then, are what  stand as the six best heartbreaking lines of this new Girls record:

6. “You're the love of my life/ But you're driving me completely insane” — from “Alright.” You only know it's the love of your life when they're capable of driving you completely insane. And that doesn't make it any easier.

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