The Six Greatest Britpop Songs You Don't Remember

Damon Albarn this week told Britain's NME that Blur has been practicing and recording together again. The band's guitarist, Graham Coxon, told the magazine the same thing back in February. C'mon fellas! You've gotta have something for us by now! That's almost a whole year of pointless pottering about! Big sigh. Blur's lackluster progress on the recording front, however, just forced us into a YouTube-based nostalgia-fest, during which we recalled how bloody brilliant early-'90s Britpop was. Here are six moments we'd forgotten about that deserve to be remembered.

1. “Chemical World,” Blur

Pre-Parklife, Blur was quintessentially English, without getting cartoon-ish about it (like they did later on — *cough* “Country House” *cough*). Modern Life Is Rubbish is a masterpiece of tea-drinking, pigeon-racing, Fred Perry-wearing excellence — and “Chemical World” was the best single on it. Here they are frolicking with bunnies and buttercups in an English field somewhere. Really rather lovely.

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