The Soft Moon: Show Preview

The Soft Moon is the project of one Luis Vasquez, who just might be the Bay Area's leading purveyor of gloomy, grayscale synth-punk. The Soft Moon's latest album, Zeroes, doubles down on the noirish atmospherics and stark beats that drove the project to national notoriety in the wake of its 2010 debut. Now, though, Vasquez's beats are more insistent — and danceable, if you find harsh textures animating — his synth lines more disfigured, his background static and squelch more unsettling. So while Zeroes doesn't give us another track as darkly sublime as debut highlight “When It's Over,” it does up the doom quotient quite a bit. Whether you're dancing or standing still, The Soft Moon will race you right along toward oblivion.

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