The Top 25 Smiths Songs of All Time, 25 Years After the Band's Split

Twenty-five years ago today, Johnny Marr disappointed over-thinking 9th graders everywhere by loudly, abruptly leaving The Smiths to begin the journeyman second act of his career. Marr has since continued honing his impeccable ax chops with bands like the The The, The Cribs, and Modest Mouse. Singer and co-songwriter Morrissey has released nine albums — each of them exhausting, fiercely funny and usually brilliant — with song titles like “Mama Lay Softly on the Riverbed.”

To mark the anniversary of The Smiths' self-implosion — which was first made public in a now-infamous Aug. 1, 1987 New Musical Express story headlined “Smiths to Split” — All Shook Down has compiled a list of the band's 25 best songs of all time. Here they are:

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