The Top 5 Dave Grohl Smackdowns

You may have seen Dave Grohl a few days ago giving Glee creator Ryan Murphy a good verbal kicking for acting like a prissy pants (no surprise there — have you seen that show?) every time an artist refuses to let him use their music for the series. Grohl — clearly the eternally sane voice in a world of ridiculousness — called Murphy “a fucking jerk” and pointed out that “maybe not everyone loves Glee“. Hallelujah, Foo Fighters man! And amen to that. So, in Dave's honor, we'd like to present his top five other finest smackdown moments — because for a man frequently referred to as “the nicest man in rock” he sure does have a tendency to throw down a lot.

5. Back in 2007, Dave reportedly told the UK's The Sun newspaper that he had encountered Paris Hilton in a restaurant once and that she was “a total raging, disgusting, rich, lazy party slut” and “fucking lame.” Woah. Don't hold back there now, Dave, we wouldn't want to miss the point you're trying to articulate. Given that Paris has just had one of her most decadent years ever (see yacht parties and several run-ins with the law), we may now take to calling him Soothsayer Grohl. So much wisdom…

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