The Top 5 Most Regrettable Rapper Tattoos

Rappers lead the world when it comes to ridiculous tattoos. But while it's easy to mock Lil Wayne getting the EPSN logo on his arm or Eve's decision to stamp cat paws on her breasts, sometimes rappers themselves have second thoughts about their ink art. So with Gucci Mane recently revealing a freshly-tattooed ice cream cone on his face, here's hip-hop's five most regrettable — and often hastily covered-up — rap tats.

5. Baby's Bronald Logo

Lil Wayne's tattoos usually hit the headlines, but despite his extensive collection of body art, Weezy's mentor, Baby, can claim an even bigger faux pas. After telling the world that he owned an oil and gas company called Bronald, he showcased its name and logo on the side of his head. Alas, as doubts about the company's very existence were raised, the Cash Money man soon covered it up with a big red star, which he passed off as a tribute to his Five Star Stunna album.

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