The Top 6 Weirdest Actor Cameos in Music Videos

What did we do on Christmas after we'd eaten a mountain of food and watched a giant stack of movies? Looked for actors in music videos, of course! Here are six of the weirdest cameos big-name actors have made in music videos.

6. Christopher Walken in Fatboy Slim's “Weapon Of Choice”
Up until this came out, we'd mostly associated Walken with being fantastically creepy. He was that guy who'd pop up in your nightmares, grab your hand, refuse to let it go and tell you how you were going to die. Undoubtedly cool, yes, but did anyone imagine – even after the hilarious SNL skits – that we'd ever see him like this? He's still a tiny bit creepy here (this video makes us half wish Jack Nicholson had had a similar outburst in the middle of The Shining) but mostly we just can't believe his prancing and tapping and hip-jiggling here. Oh, Walken, you spooky, spooky lunatic — our love for you knows no bounds.

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