The Top Five Covers of Outside Lands 2010

Of all the things we'll remember about this year's Outside Lands festival — the sun breaking through the fog during Al Green's set, the gaudy costumes of Empire of the Sun, and the incessant oonce oonce from the Heineken tent — the sometimes-jokey, sometimes-serious cover performances stand out especially vividly. There's something about hearing an artist dive into the first few notes (or middle notes, in some cases), of an instantly recognizable song that's more exciting than hearing, you know, songs you expected to hear. Covers were definitely a thing at Outside Lands 2010 — here are the five best that we caught (and we didn't catch 'em all) in ascending order of greatness.

5. “Deep Ellum Blues” by the Levon Helm Band
In a tight running with Helm's version of the classic tearjerker “Long Black Veil,” this Grateful Dead cover had the 70-year-old former drummer of  the Band out from behind the kit jammin' on a mandolin. Paired up against the guttural throb of Bassnectar on the other side of the festival, Helm's steerage of this song's deep shuffle proved to a mixed-age crowd that dance-worthy grooves don't only come from boxes with buttons.

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