The Top Six Weirdest Musical Appearances on Sesame Street

Last week, Katy Perry's cleavage got her appearance on Sesame Street canceled, due to a barrage of complaints from parents who saw the leaked clip on YouTube before it had a chance to air. We personally can't see what all the fuss is about, since Katy's breasticles looked pretty well contained to us. Ho hum. Here then is our list of the top six weirdest musical appearances on Sesame Street (we'd say the list was boob-free, but James Blunt is in here, so that's not strictly true…)

6. REM Singing To “Furry Happy Monsters” 
Not that “Shiny Happy People” is a weird song to have on a kid's show, what with it being perky to the point of obnoxious and everything. What makes this clip special is the lady puppet in the massive red wig, employed to fill in for the B-52's Kate Pierson. Imagine how bummed you'd be if you weren't available to do your job one day and a muppet was brought in to replace you. Also note-worthy is the discomfort all over bassist Mike Mills' face. Awesome.

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