The Twelves, Brazil's Daft Punk, On Remixing Indie Rock for the Dancefloor

Who doesn't love a Brazilian? The answer to that question might be “many people.” But no matter your preference, you'll agree that even better than one Brazilian is a pair of Brazilians with immense musical talent. From Rio de Janiero, the acclaimed duo of João Miguel and Luciano Oliveria, known as the Twelves, seemed destined to unite — their namesake is inspired by both of their birthdays being July 12, 1980. Making renowned remixes from indie favorites such as Yelle and Two Door Cinema Club, The Twelves help justify those who wear neon spandex to clubs. Watch them shred the dancefloor this Saturday at Mezzanine with DJ White Mike and Nisus opening.

The Twelves have been called “Brazil's answer to Daft Punk.” Do you think that's a fair characterization of who you guys are as performers?

I think it's fair, as they were probably one of our biggest inspirations when we were getting our affairs in order. It's amazing if we are labeled as that because it would be a great honor to be in the same category as those guys.

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