The Video Game-Inspired Music of S.F.'s J-Pop Summit: A Chiptune Off the Old Block

If you play games, you've probably built some strong associations around the music of games. Maybe you recognize a passing Pandora jam from the latest Madden. Maybe you catch yourself humming the Super Mario Bros. theme at your desk at work — hell, you at least know the tune. Even that goddamn Angry Birds song grows on you. Gaming music has exerted an especially powerful pull on gamer geeks, tech-heads, and mainstream artists alike, but the etymology of its influence isn't always obvious.

As part of its “Cyberpop Overload!” theme, S.F.'s fourth annual J-Pop Summit Festival has dotted its musical lineup with such “video game inspired artists and DJs” — a broad claim that speaks as much to the evolution of gamer culture as it does to its music.

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