The Warlocks Had Their Gear Stolen in SF Last Night

LA psych rockers The Warlocks had their gear stolen in San Francisco last night after playing Brick and Mortar with Fine Points and Spiral Electric.

The theft is part of a disturbing trend where touring bands get robbed after playing San Francisco. Just a few weeks ago the same thing happened to Fat White Family on its San Francisco tour stop. 

[jump] According to the band's booking agent, The Warlocks are currently at the police station filing a report. The group couldn't immediately be reached for comment. But here's what the group posted on Facebook and Instagram:

“Gone baby gone! All of our gear got jacked in San Francisco last night. Including my precious Gretsch Black Rose. I guess I'm the idiot for taking such a guitar with me. We are filing police reports and doing all that noise. I think we are like 5-6th band to get robbed in sf in the last few months. My guess it's the same people! Anyways sad day in The Warlocks camp for sure! Fuck!”

We will update you as this story unfolds. 

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