The Week in Lil B: Lil Wayne Feature, Pitchfork Approval, “Out the Hood” Video

This was a big week for Berkeley rapper/phenom/Internet prophet Lil B. Let's review:

First, Lil Wayne dropped a new mixtape, Sorry 4 the Wait, that features Lil B on one track. Over the beat from Waka Flocka Flame's “Grove St. Party”, the Based God explodes after Wayne's syrupy drawl with a wild freestyle about — well, let's just excerpt a few choice lines: “See five hoes on my dick, bitch, it's Christmas”; “On like a cradle and you niggas can't stop me/ Shouts out to Mack Maine gettin' rich and cocky”; “whoooop whoooop swag bitch barrang-tang-tang-tang,” and so on.

Appearing on a mixtape with the current (if declining) god of rap arguably lends a whole new level of credibility to the Based God's controversial position in the genre. And Lil B doesn't try to hide his stream-of-consciousness, half-rhyming style at all on his appearance with Weezy, instead doubling down on the qualities that enrage haters the most. His childlike energy and enthusiasm immediately grab your attention when he gets on the mic. In contrast to the gushing Based God (as Andy Hutchins pointed out in the Village Voice), Wayne sounds a little dull here.

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