The xx Pimps out Its Production at the Fox Theater

The xx

Zola Jesus 
September 23, 2010
@ The Fox Theater 
Better than: Winning a raffle at a fundraiser, knowing full well that you're essentially stealing from those children. 
It's always couples night when pillow rockers the xx are in town, which only meant one thing Thursday night at the Fox Theater in Oakland — with all these X and Y chromosomes in here, somebody here gon' Facebook poke.

And with all these previous Bay Area pit stops — you might recall this one, or this one — perhaps these will soon be the faces of the Mission.

This go-around is doubling as a victory lap for the Brit trio, fresh off news of its fancy Mercury Prize and the handsome ransom attached, which is somewhere in the ballpark of $31,000 (somehow they resisted the call of the mystery box).
What to do with $31,000? What to do… 
How 'bout hiring another bus to bring all your friends on tour and amping up the production value a bit? Oh, and can we get loverboy bassist Oliver Sim some dance lessons? Great.

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