The Younger Lovers' Brontez Purnell on Rock Bands Sounding the Same, “Gay Buffoonery,” and Getting Beat Up by Bigots in Oakland

Brontez Purnell possesses the rare skill of being able to shift effortlessly from a serious discussion of art to absurd anecdotes about Reeboks, hesher boyfriends, and the raw “'hood beat” that informs the garage-pop of his current band, The Younger Lovers. Of particular interest is the development of his queer politics. Through his disillusionment with his role as Junx in the “gay buffoonery” of Gravy Train!!!! to his recent endeavors in other artistic mediums, Brontez has become a pillar of the Bay Area queer community. The Younger Lovers' new EP on Southpaw Records is a shot of syrupy pop tainted with gritty swagger dug out of the potholes of Oakland's San Pablo Ave. Taste it live at Eli's Mile High Club in Oakland this Thursday, Nov. 17.

So you have a new EP out on Southpaw Records, how do you celebrate?

I go and fuckin' get high and look at the 7-inch art over and over again. I look at it 30 minutes one way and then I switch it 45 degrees and look at it 30 minutes that way. Then upside down, I think about it a lot. I'm just glad it came out, I'm glad to have something out in the U.S. that people can buy, because the other record is only available in Europe.

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