TheeSatisfaction: Show Preview

For several years, Seattle duo TheeSatisfaction has been performing music that's rooted in a love of Chaka Khan vocals and a fascination with Miles Davis trumpet riffs. Not surprisingly, these spacey, spare sounds — a blend of Afrofuturism, soul, R&B, and hip-hop — appeared on the 2011 debut album from similarly-minded Shabazz Palaces. Both artists have helped redefine Sub Pop, a label most often identified with grunge and indie rock. When TheeSatisfaction brings its Black Weirdo party to Oakland this week, members Stasia Irons and Catherine Harris-White will perform alongside guest artists Gifted Gab of Seattle, Richmond MC Gizzle McFly, and Bay Area dancer Jocquese Whitfield. The two bandmates established Black Weirdo as a pro-LGBTQ party that celebrates black music, art, and dance. “You walk into the party expecting to have a gratifying experience, and you leave with just that because the vibes are so damn good,” Irons says. “Never will we discriminate anyone from attending the party as long as love is the motive.”

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