Third Eye Blind Gets Political With “Cops Vs. Phone Girl”

Longtime San Francisco band Third Eye Blind — remember them? They came out with that song “Semi-Charmed Life” in the late '90s — have a habit of getting political. In 2012, the band's singer Stephan Jenkins penned an article for Huffington Post titled “Why We Aren't Playing at the RNC,” and this year, though they accepted an invitation to play at a charity gig for the RNC in Cleveland, they used the occasion to “repudiate” what the Republican party stands for. 

[jump] On Monday, July 25, the outspoken group turned up the heat a little more with the release of their new single, “Cops Vs. Phone Girl.” The indie-rock song addresses police brutality and racism (as its title suggests), and was penned in reference to a viral video from 2015 in which a police officer arrested a 16-year-old student in a classroom at South Carolina's Spring Valley High after dragging her violently out of her seat. Written by Jenkins, the track references the Black Lives Matter movement, and, in explicit details, narrates the 16-year-old's arrest with lines like, “Tossed across that room face down on the deck” and “On the classroom floor there's a little blood splatter.” 

“Cop Vs. Phone Girl” will appear on Third Eye Blind's upcoming album, We Are Drugs, to be released later this year. 

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