Third Eye Blind Release New Video For “Everything Is Easy”

“Do you know what happened to the Bold Italic?” Stephan Jenkins, lead singer of Third Eye Blind, asks me before I'm able to get to the first question of our interview. “They closed, but I don't know why they closed.”

We speak over the phone (about the Bold Italic, and various other things) while Jenkins is in Connecticut, on tour to promote Third Eye Blind's brilliant new album, Dopamine.

[jump] Jenkins is a local guy in every sense of the phrase. He lets me know he reads my column “about hating music in the car” Stuck in Traffic, that he enjoys drinking “those grapefruit drinks” at “that little shitty bar next to The Fox”, and that he had Happy Diving, a local band that has played shows in front of four people in garages around the Bay, on his short list of bands to open up for Third Eye Blind (who, according to Wikipedia, has sold over 12 million records worldwide).

“I hope they're doing well. They're one of those bands where I can't tell if they'll be on the main stage of Coachella next year or just gone,” Jenkins says, humming the melody of one of tunes he likes off a Happy Diving CD he picked up at a local show. “I don't want the scene in San Francisco to die, I really don't. I want it to stay vibrant.”

Our full story about Jenkins, and his involvement with another local, youthful project will be in the print issue of SF Weekly soon. Until then, check out Third Eye Blind's new video for “Everything Is Easy.”

Third Eye Blind plays San Francisco July 25 and 26 at the Nob Hill Masonic Center.


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