This Guy Wears a Black Flag My War T-Shirt Every Day

Yuichiro Tamaki, of Tokyo, has worn a Black Flag My War shirt, jacket, or sweatshirt every day for the last four months. The 30-year-old artist graduated from Tokyo Design Academy, and currently operates an Instagram account with the simple description, “Wear the “MY WAR” shirt everyday.”

It would appear that the Black Flag devotee has access to a screen printer, because he has more custom My War T-shirts, long sleeves, sweatshirts, and jackets than Greg Ginn does lawsuits. And based on his hashtags of #challenge and #conceptual art, we're guessing part of the experiment is to see how long Tamaki can stand to wear the same design every day. At least he doesn't have to wear the What the … album design though, right?

Tamaki seems to prove that with enough creativity, you can drastically vary your style even if you have to wear the same design everyday. So with that idea in mind, let's check out some of Tamaki's best looks over the past four months.


This is Tamaki's go-to look. He wears the classic baby blue My War shirt, featuring the album's cover art by Raymond Pettibon, accented by a shoe string on his right arm. His keeps his hair in a slicked back, timeless style. Solid look all around.

Here's the troubled mall-punk look. Asymmetrical haircut and what looks to be some hickie marks on his neck? 

I call this one the “bashful biker.” Apparently concerned about something, Tamaki wears a motorcycle helmet, black My War sweatshirt, and a black jacket.

This look, which I call “the art punk,” is what I imagine Tamaki probably wears out on the street most of the time. He's got an artsy hat on, T-shirt sleeves rolled up to show he's cool and different, and stylish right bicep shoelace. This looks like the kind of guy you see walking about campus at SF State and think about becoming friends with. 

Over the course of this experiment Tamaki has bulked up a decent bit, and apparently wanted to show off his new physique in this post four days ago. Let's call this one “The hunk.” Good on you Tamaki, looking good.

This is an awesome collared My War shirt. Personally, I'd be more stoked than Tamaki is to be wearing it. 

Shocked to be back in his motorcycle helmet, Tamaki wears a black My War shirt and cool-guy denim jacket. 

No one understands Tamaki. 

I know you're trying to be considerate Tamaki, but I've already caught the “Wear the My War shirt everyday” bug. 

These are just a very small sampling of the greatest Instagram account of all time. Follow along at @mywar_yuichiro. 

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