This Week: Bieber Buns, Grande Donuts, and Tyga Penis

This week is mostly about over-exposure. We've got Bieber Bora Bora buns, we've got John Legend somebody-move-that-chair buns, and we've got Tyga's penis in all its glory (not on this page though, for obvious reasons…) Then there's Ariana Grande, finally exposed as the donut-hating non-patriot she is and Shaggy revealing how little he understands the (non-) relationship between music and terrorism.

Here are the (possibly NSFW) quotes of the week:

Justin Bieber went sun's out, buns out this week… 

[jump] “Bieber got back!”
…And then Miley Cyrus made it awesome.

Then Chrissy Teigen partially exposed John Legend's butt too:
“Smh. The devil is working hard today. Lol”
Tyga pointed the finger at Satan (of all people), after someone who's not Kylie Jenner leaked his dick pics. (Twitter)

“I am EXTREMELY proud to be an American … I sometimes get upset by how freely we as Americans eat and consume things without giving any thought to the consequences that it has on our health and society as a whole. The fact that the United States has the highest child obesity rate in the world frustrates me.”
Ariana Grande on why she said she hated America in the middle of a donut shop. (Twitter)

“Cannot wait for the new Arianna Grande/Dixie Chicks jam to drop! #IActuallyLoveAmerica”
In the meantime, Rob Lowe will just be listening to “America! Fuck Yeah!” and thinking about things that happened 12 years ago… (Twitter)

“You remind me of the guy who brags about pussy — they never get as much as they brag about. Stop it. [slaps wrist] Stop it!”
Here's Slipknot's Corey Taylor telling off Kanye for that on-stage Glastonbury Festival declaration last week:

“If you're able to cut a man's head off, you're sick. But right, music evokes emotion. So if they're listening to Shaggy music or reggae music, they're not going to want to cut somebody's head off.”
Shaggy thinks he can defeat Isis with reggae. And THIS. (Miami New Times)

“For me, Pussy Riot’s probably one of the most important groups of our time. The situation they found themselves in and then, against such a wall, to create such a dialogue, to create such a statement.”
Thurston Moore likes Pussy Riot a lot. (NME)

“To the beautiful and brave Naomi, I’m sorry you have to miss it, but there will always be more concerts. Let’s focus on getting you feeling better. I’m sending the biggest hugs to you and your family.”
Saint Taylor Swift sent hugs and, oh, $50,000(!) to a young fan battling leukemia. (YouTube)

And finally, a producer named Raheem D mashed up Swift's “Bad Blood” with Paramore's “Misery Business” and the results are just delicious:

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