This Week: FKA Twigs' Thighs, Sia's Tiny Ninja, and Justin Bieber Not Being a Whack Job After All

Oh, strong women. How you own this week. FKA Twigs' cover shoot for Paper was a revelation, Kesha continued to valiantly fight on in court against Dr. Luke, and Sia just employed a tiny assassin to do her work. But let's step away from all those powerful ovaries for a second, to throw out some positive vibes to Dr. Know from Bad Brains. We're rooting for you, you hardcore legend!

Here are the quotes of the week:

[jump] “I could take you over the edge, but you couldn't handle it.”
Have you seen FKA Twigs’ cover shot for Paper? We believe her. (Paper)

“Personally, I've been dealing with new experiences as an out trans person. I got to the point where I felt like, 'Yes! I do not want to fucking think about gender! I just want to exist.'”
Here's to existing, Laura Jane Grace! (Rolling Stone)

“Look at the statistics on how many child stars have crumbled and turned out to be whack jobs. It’s because it's fucked up, bro, this lifestyle.”
Justin Bieber’s not your average whack job, everybody! (Billboard)

“That’s sweet. I get it. I WILL hit you with a car.”
Justin Bieber reads “Sweet Tweets”. Please look. It’s insane. (Billboard)

“Rascal Flatts please do us all a favor and stop making music. you are so awful. #sobad #spareus #sounds of death”
Mean Tweets read by country stars are just as satisfying as you thought they would be. (Jimmy Kimmel)

“Kesha can’t legally put music out unless she makes it under complete control of a man who raped her at 18. This man warned, if she did not do what she was told, he would tie her up in litigations until she was ‘too old’ to make a record… Sony supports the rapist. The rapist is doing exactly what he warned he would do.”
In case you’ve been wondering where Kesha is… A word from her mom (Twitter)

“I can confirm that the band feels their music has been sampled without proper clearance and are seeking all available remedies with Island Records”.
Sleigh Bells believe Demi Lovato stole bits of “Riot Rhythm” and “Infinity Guitars” without asking. You decide. (Rolling Stone)

“I’ll tell you what's wrong. Fame's wasted on these cunts today. Bar Kanye. You watch him on the MTV Awards and you think, 'You can fucking stay, you’re alright’… Who gives a shit what fucking One Direction do? Cocksuckers, all of them in rehab by the time they’re 30.”
Tell us what you really think, Noel Gallagher. (Esquire)

“The Bad Brains family ask that you please keep Gary (Dr Know) Miller in your thoughts and prayers.”
Get well soon, Bad Brains legend, Dr. Know. (Rolling Stone)

And finally: everyone needs to be terrified of the 5-year-old in the new Sia video. Watch your asses, haters.

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