This Week: Ice Cube Turns Into His Son, Drake Gets a New Cousin, and Lorde Hoardes Acne Cream

“My son is in it, he plays me in the movie, so I'm extremely proud of that, that's cool… He was born to play the part… He's 22 now. He can handle it.”
Ice Cube's son is playing Ice Cube in the NWA biopic. We are EXCITED. (Jimmy Kimmel Live)

“Me: 'Drake is half Jewish.' My distracted father: 'Great, maybe he's your cousin'”
Lena Dunham and Drake might be related! Her dad said so! (Twitter)

“When my brother was told that God didn’t love him I was like, ‘OK, that’s not cool.' They were building a Kabbalah center in Florida so we both checked it out and really had a connection with it.”
Ariana Grande says that she and her brother, Frankie, abandoned Catholicism because of homophobia. (The Independent)

[jump] “Taylor Swift's new song 'welcome to New York' makes me want to finally move from New York.”
El-P is being driven out of his native city by a dainty young blond lady. Who saw that coming? (Twitter)

“You know what? If you're upset and irritated that I'm just being myself, I'm going to be myself more, and I'm having more fun than you so it doesn't matter.”
Taylor Swift does. not. care. (Billboard)

“How helpful do you think each of these three songs would be for Weezer's career if released as the next single?”
This is an actual question posed by Weezer on their Facebook page. Are they joking?! (Facebook)

“Fact #1 learnt spring-cleaning room: If the music thing doesn't work out I can always become a dealer of three-quarters-full acne creams.”
Reason #456 why Lorde is awesome. (Twitter)

“I literally could not care less about the music Lenny Kravitz makes.”
Against Me singer Laura Jane Grace's Twitter feed has been comedy gold lately… (Twitter)

“For me, to be inundated with all this commentary, it’s almost exclusively by people I don’t know… I don’t mind people interested in my professional world. But my intimate, private life — it’s not something I want to talk to somebody [about] who I’ve never met or know who they look like. It’s funny how it exists so profoundly in the online world but not at all in the physical world.”
That's because online critics can't potentially get smacked in the face, Thurston Moore. (Wall Street Journal)

And finally, Clay Aiken has died his hair an odd color for politics:

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