This Week In Bewildering Band Names: Deafheaven? Spidermeow?

Maybe it's to be expected on a week ending with the Folsom Street Fair on one side of the city and Oktoberfest by the Bay! on the other, but noodle-scratching contrast reigns free this week. Below are ten bands or lineups notable for their surrealistic image juxtapositions.

10. Copy Lake

9. Bears! Bears! Bears!

8. Hydrogen Babies

7. Brass Bed, Big Tree, Idle Cedars, Soft Lake
(Concert or Walt Whitman poem?)

6. Bestial Mouths
(Also playing: Water Borders.)

5. The 88, The Ferocious Few
(Who do you think will win?)

4. Deafheaven

3. Spidermeow

2. Vampire Weekend

1. Lowfat Handshake

Inscrutable mention: Bobby Joe Ebola & the Children MacNuggits

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