This Week: Lennon Needed Help, Ariana Needed a Nap, and Jason Aldean Needs to Disappear

It's been quite the week of secrets being exposed… Passion Pit frontman Michael Angelakos publicly came out of the closet, Paul McCartney revealed John Lennon's inner demons, and Jason Aldean exposed his inner racist. The thing we're most excited to see crawl into the light for the first time this week though? One of Ice Cube's extra verses from the original version of NWA's “Fuck the Police”. Thank you, rap Gods. 

“He didn't say, 'I'm now fat and I'm feeling miserable.' He said, 'When I was younger, so much younger than today.' In other words, he blustered his way through… I think John’s whole life was a cry for help.”
Paul McCartney on the true meaning of Beatles classic “Help!” (Billboard)

Here’s a section of NWA’s “Fuck The Police” you’ve never heard before. Hurray! (YouTube):

“Since I’ve been at the forefront of this movement for over 20 years now, I’m a master of marijuana.”
Snoop Dogg just launched a cannabis product line called Leafs By Snoop because of course he did. (Billboard)

“She was booked but the lazy little fucker has not come.”
British talk show host Jonathan Ross, after Ariana Grande failed to arrive for her scheduled TV performance. (The Jonathan Ross Show)

We’re not sure why either of these people would want to be in the same room as each other, but this happened…

“Commercials, being the face of brands, nail varnishes, shoes, bags, fashion lines, beauty ranges, hair products, being in movies, being the face of a car, designing watches, food ranges, buildings, airlines, book deals. I’ve been offered everything. And I don’t want to water myself down. I want to do one thing. I want to make something. I don’t want to be the face of anything.”
Adele don't want none of your branding crap. (New York Times)

“Sad sad news about losing Phil 'Philthy Animal' Taylor. One of the best drummers in Rock n Roll. RIP Phil, you will be missed. A lot.”
Slash, paying tribute to the Motorhead drummer, who died, at the age of 61, on Wednesday. (Twitter)

Super dumb country star Jason
“Aldean ‘dressed as rapper Lil Wayne’ for the holiday, a representative for the singer told the Guardian

“I just wanted so badly to be straight, because I love her so much. I think that was one of the most painful things when we decided to separate.”
Turns out, Passion Pit vocalist Michael Angelakos has been secretly gay this whole time. Now he’s going to be openly gay and divorced. (NME)

“It’s singing 'Ironic', but there are no ironies…”
Alanis Morissette and James Cordon updated one of the most mocked songs in history, for a new generation. And it was very silly indeed:

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