This Week: Stephen Hawking Says There's a Universe Where Zayn Is Still in One Direction

It's a war between old-school and new-tech this week. Whether it's Roger Waters complaining that musicians don't get paid anymore, Stephen Hawking engaging in popular culture to a degree that's uncomfortable for all of us, or Miley Cyrus and Zoe Kravitz adopting 1970s porn imagery for the sake of a brand new video. As someone who knows the peaks and pitfalls of both worlds, Madonna is bridging the gap between the two beautifully, and staying totally relevant in the process. On the olden days front, there's also the just-released Kurt Cobain documentary, Montage of Heck; a film that will warm your soul and break your heart.

Here are the quotes of the week:

Oh, look! Katy Perry, Madonna and the lady villain from Flash Gordon Lady Gaga hung out at the Met Gala. (Instagram)

“She was very Gracious. We talked about our trips to Armenia. Kanye Thanked me for Autotune. They were sweet,& seemed 2 be having fun.”
In other Met Gala news, Kanye West thanked Cher for Autotune. Kim Kardashian said words with her mouth also. (Twitter)

“Somewhere outside of our own universe lies another. And in that universe, Zayn is still in One Direction.”
This is an actual real-life quote from STEPHEN fucking HAWKING. (Vanity Fair)

[jump] “Don’t kiss Drake no matter how many times he begs you to.”
Madonna, during a recent (pretty entertaining) ‘Ask Anything’ video:

“Do these people think they're the fuckin' Avengers?”
Noel Gallagher asking a fair question about everyone involved in the insane launch of Tidal. (Rolling Stone

“I feel enormously privileged to have been born in 1943 and not 1983. To have been around when there was a music business and the takeover by Silicon Valley hadn't happened… When this gallery of rogues and thieves had not yet injected themselves between the people who aspire to be creative and their potential audience and steal every fucking cent anybody ever made.”
Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters is not a tech fan. (The Times, UK)

Here's Miley Cyrus and Zoe Kravitz wearing not many clothes and playing with Hannah Montana playing cards in the new Lolawolf video:

“You're already the most hated woman in America. You and Roseanne Barr are tied.”
Kurt Cobain to Courtney Love, while they chat in a bathroom-based home video, featured in the excellent Montage of Heck documentary. (HBO)

“I did do heroin when I was pregnant. And then I stopped. And I knew she would be fine. So he was never concerned. I assured him that I was built like an oxen and could carry this pregnancy to term. But I was a young woman. The pregnancy isn't the problem. It's being around a junky while I'm pregnant when I'm a junky too, and I know the minute that baby's out, I'm going to go and shoot up in celebratory fashion. That was our lifestyle.”
Present-day Courtney Love in Montage of Heck, being stunningly honest. (HBO)

“Every time I see a television show that has dying children, or seeing a testimonial by a parent who recently lost their child, I can't help but cry. The thought of losing my baby haunts me every day. I will fight to my death to keep the right to provide for my child.”
A diary entry from Kurt Cobain, featured in Montage of Heck. See this movie. (HBO)

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