Three Must-See Acts This Week

Yotto, Beach House, and Justin Jay.

Deep house


Sat, Aug. 4, at Anjunadeep Open Air San Francisco (sold out), and 10 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 4, at Audio. $40;

On the forefront of a wave of excellent melodic deep house that has steadily grew over the past three years, Helsinki’s Yotto has proven himself as one of the scene’s most exciting producers. The 31-year-old artist, born Otto Yliperttula, was classically trained in piano at a young age, growing a diverse music taste in his teens by listening to hip-hop and heavy metal, as well as acts like Aphex Twin and The Chemical Brothers, which spurred his love for electronic music. Yliperttula initially began his electronic music career in a duo named Something Good, but soon began releasing solo music under the clever moniker Yotto, signing with Above & Beyond’s prestigious Anjunadeep label in 2015. Shortly after signing with Anjunadeep, Yotto released his debut EP with the label Wondering to enthusiastic praise, with listeners enamored of Yotto’s emotive melodies and pulsating 4/4 beats. “The Owls,” Yotto’s summer 2016 single, earned the title of “Hottest Track in the World” from tastemaker Annie Mac, leading to a hefty tour schedule over the next year that included stops at top clubs around the world. This September sees the release of Hyperfall, Yotto’s highly anticipated debut album, and the enchanting lead single “The One You Left Behind” is a reaffirming indication that the best is yet to come.

Beach House

Dream pop

Beach House

8 p.m., Tuesday and Wednesday, Aug. 7-8, at The Fox Theater. $36;

As their otherworldly music may suggest, Beach House are one of the few acts birthed out of the late-2000s indie explosion that not only play stronger than ever, but continue to win the attention of newcomers in addition to longtime fans. The Baltimore duo, consisting of Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally, initially received acclaim for their 2006 self-titled debut, and continued to release a stream of increasingly developed and consistent records, including 2010’s impeccable Teen Dream and 2012’s equally enchanting Bloom, both of which are considered to be among the best albums of the decade. In May, Beach House released its seventh studio album, simply titled 7, to near-unanimous praise from critics and fans alike, with many applauding its noticeably darker and heavier sonic style. The mid-song breakdown on standout track “Dive” exemplifies this departure and hears the duo entering a fast-paced rhythm backed by live drums and post-punk guitars, all under that distinct auditory haze that only Legrand and Scally can create. At its best, 7 is a staunch declaration that Beach House refuses to be defined by a single sound or album, and still evokes a sense of wonder that only grows greater with time.


Justin Jay

Tech house

Justin Jay

9:30 p.m., Friday, Aug. 3, at The Great Northern. $15;

Producing music began as a side project in between classes at the University of Southern California, but Justin Jay knew well before graduation that music was his natural path forward — to no one’s surprise, as Jay has proven himself one of house’s most compelling young artists. The 25-year-old Los Angeles native is Dirtybird’s youngest signee, and he was already well-known in the house and techno world before finishing college in 2015, something Jay celebrated with the aptly titled single “Mom, I Graduated!” With a desire to push his artistry in a more live direction with expanded rock and funk influences, Jay released his debut album Fantastic Voyage in collaboration with fellow musicians and friends Josh Taylor and Benny Bridges, and proceeded to tour with a full live band as opposed to a solo DJ set. However, Jay soon canceled the Fantastic Voyage tour, retreating back to the studio to perfect his live performance and work on new material. In an interview with Billboard, Jay said, “I wanted to find some really substantive ways of performing live, and instead of being able to explore those, I felt like I was going to be thrown into the fire in a way I wasn’t ready for.” Home, Jay’s sophomore album released last fall, marked an evolution in his musicianship, bringing a vocoder-drenched Jay at his most vulnerable, but not at the expense of energetic beats and sunny melodies. Justin Jay is out on tour supporting this new track “Cash Money”.

Check out Justin Jay’s new release “Cash Money”


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