Three Must-See Acts This Week

Kossisko on Thursday at the New Parish, Saweetie on Friday at 1015 Folsom, and Midi Matilda next Thursday at Rickshaw Stop.

Experimental hip-hop


9 p.m., Thursday, Jan. 17, at The New Parish. $15;

Reinterpreting G-funk in a modern context by taking cues from Rick James and Nine Inch Nails, Kossisko has been remarkably comfortable experimenting with his sound since he began making music in 2010. The Berkeley singer-rapper formerly known as 100s has elevated his artistry to where it encapsulates his hybrid’s sonic ambition. As 100s, Kossisko found success in the form of 2012’s Ice Cold Perm and 2014’s Fool’s Gold-released IVRY, both distinctly West Coast-flavored hip-hop gems fueled by aggressive flow and blistering braggadocio. Kossisko dropped the 100s moniker in 2016. Continuing his career under his birth name, he would experiment with darker atmospheres and soberly personal lyricism in further releases. Last November, Kossisko released his newest album, LOW, an audibly expansive journey that’s unafraid to push hip-hop’s boundaries, buoyed by Kossisko’s unique half-sung/ half-rapped flow, and the singer’s vocal prowess shines through the pitch-black industrial landscape. Standout single “Cardio” truly sounds like the fresh reinterpretation of G-funk that’s been sorely missing in the music landscape, and Kossisko sounds as vibrant and ready as ever to continue his ascent into stardom.




10 p.m., Friday, Jan. 18, at 1015 Folsom. $17.50;

Boasting a subdued yet cold and calculated flow with bars that strike with impeccable accuracy, the Bay Area’s own Saweetie has been on a steady ascent to the top of the rap game since the release of her breakthrough single “Icy Girl,” which earned a Gold certification from the RIAA last June. Born Diamonté Harper, the rapper primarily grew up in Hayward, where she aspired to enter hip-hop from a young age while also excelling academically. That led to a full ride at San Diego State, which she attended before transferring to USC and finishing her undergrad. After graduation, Saweetie focused on her musical career, scoring a viral hit with “Icy Girl” and leading to cosigns from artists around the industry, including Migos’ Quavo. The bold artist dropped her excellent debut EP High Maintenance last March, and it is a confident punch of bright-pink hip-hop filled with delicious hooks and witty bars that spotlight Saweetie’s carefully constructed lyricism. 

Midi Matilda

Indie pop

Midi Matilda

8 p.m., Thursday, Jan. 24, at Rickshaw Stop. $15;

After a few years away from the public eye, Midi Matilda is ready for the spotlight once again. The local electro-pop duo, comprised of Skyler Kilborn and Logan Grimé, began making music together after meeting in college in 2008. They started under their current moniker in 2011, as a tribute to Grimé’s great-great grandmother, Matilda, and an homage to a childhood drawing of a robot named Midi. The duo have since released vibrantly produced indie pop in the form of 2013’s Red Light District EP, which blends radio-ready hooks with dance-punk breakdowns, and sounds like the best elements of both Foster the People and Bloc Party came together. The EP drew acclaim from critics and new fans of the duo alike, leading to sold-out shows around the country, with Live 105 declaring them the station’s “favorite new band.” As fast as things were moving, both musicians needed time to recuperate from their demanding schedule, and came up with ideas for new material during their brief hiatus from touring. Midi returned to the music world with a pair of sleekly produced singles in 2016, “Talk About It” and “Tidal Wave,” which subtly stripped down their sound to allow their strongest qualities to shine.

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