Three Must-See Acts This Week

Claude VonStroke on Thursday and Friday at Halcyon, Morgxn on Monday at Rickshaw Stop, and The Coathangers on Saturday at the Independent.


Claude VonStroke

10 p.m., Thursday and Friday, Feb. 21-22, at Halcyon. $60;

Claude VonStroke has arguably become the dominant creative force in American dance music this decade, as the Dirtybird founder and producer-DJ’s signature brand of kinetic tech house is nearly universally beloved. Although VonStroke consistently headlines festivals and large venues, the dance-wizard has chosen to play only smaller venues on his upcoming Double Dip tour, which is limited to his three favorite cities: Detroit, Chicago, and San Francisco. VonStroke has proven throughout his career that he is unafraid to tackle any genre, whether it be in his DJ sets or original material, and promises to explore the versatility of his sound on this special tour, covering house, techno, bass music, and much more. The maestro producer also hints that the intimate crowds at these shows may be treated to unreleased material and exclusive edits. 

The Coathangers. Photo by Chad Kamenshine

Garage punk

The Coathangers

9 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 23, at Independent. $20;

Bursting with an ever-growing energy since their formation in 2006, The Coathangers continue to win over new fans with their delightfully pop-soaked brand of audacious punk, with its old-school spirit refreshed in a modern context. The all-female trio — guitarist Julia Kugel, bassist Meredith Franco, drummer Stephanie Luke, plus original keyboardist Candice Jones — formed in Atlanta and quickly gained a passionate local fanbase solely off the boisterous nature of their chaotic house shows. The group would soon go on to gain a larger fanbase after touring with fellow Atlanta rockers and friends The Black Lips, right before the release of their 2007 self-titled debut album. The Coathangers received widespread critical acclaim for 2009’s Scramble and 2011’s Larceny & Old Lace, which would hear them refine and experiment with their raw sound, without abandoning the playful spirit. Even after Jones’ amicable departure in 2014, the group has shown that they’re resilient to any challenge that comes across their path, and their upcoming sixth album The Devil You Know hears the group reignited with venom-filled anger with their insanely catchy single “F The NRA.” 


Indie pop


(with Robert Delong), 8 p.m., Monday, Feb. 25, at Rickshaw Stop. $17;

Rising alternative pop singer-songwriter Morgxn blends emotive R&B with moody electronic soundscapes and electropop flourishes, all anchored by the strength of his voice. The musician was born in Nashville, where he was no stranger to music during his formative years. After graduating college, Morgxn moved to New York to break into the theater before moving to Los Angeles to focus on his solo career. Morgxn’s earliest music credits include guest vocals for two Tiësto tracks in 2015, and he released his debut single “Love You With the Lights On” in 2016, introducing listeners to Morgxn’s dynamic vocal talent along with his emotionally potent lyricism. The musician released his debut album, Vital, last May, and it’s a confident artistic statement that hears a diverse array of sounds empowered by careful pop sensibilities. Last month, Morgxn released Vital: Blue, an EP that saw the singer strip down a selection of tracks from Vital, accompanied by only his piano and string arrangements, all of which added a new layer of substance to his already eloquent songs. 

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