TNGHT: Show Preview

With the launch of TNGHT, young beatsmiths Hudson Mohawke and Lunice forged the Glasgow-Montreal connection you've always longed for. The rising electronic musicians first became acquainted through MySpace circa 2008, but it wasn't until around 2012 that they began teaming up. After Lunice (a Canadian) caught a remix of Gucci Mane's “Party Animals” from Mohawke (a Scot), he became interested in collaborating with Mohakwe on a project driven by big-budget, Maybach Music Group-style theatrics. The resulting TNGHT, the duo's 2012 debut EP, delivers on the promise of spectacle. TNGHT's 16 minutes contain shattering glass, faded 8-bit melodies, huge and hypnotizing drums, too many heavily altered vocal samples to corral, and heaps of other nutty touches. These are bangers better fit for carnivals than clubs.

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