Top 10 Break-Up Songs To Help Get Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak Out of Office

In politics, as in love, there sometimes comes a need for one party in a relationship to say goodbye. Adios. See ya. Get the eff outta here, dude

And in politics, as in love, music can help get that difficult message across. We don't mean to make light of the situation over in Egypt — lord knows a dried-up romantic alliance between two individuals is very, very different from an oppressive triple-decade Arab dictatorship. But when all kinds of relationships end, sometimes there's nothing better than a celebratory, angry break-up song or 10 to the get the wronged parties through the transition.
So Hosni, if you're reading this, don't take the break-up too hard — we're sure you've got a hefty stash of silk tissues and scotch over at the Sharm el-Sheikh palace. Please, though, take it. Like a fed-up lover, the people of Egypt want you gone. Here are 10 songs that might help you understand intensity of their passion.
10. “1,000 Times Goodbye,” Megadeth
It takes a pretty extreme situation for us to recommend Megadeth for anything, so Hosni, listen up. Dave Mustaine makes the point here repeatedly, and boy, does he know what it's like to get broken up with: “The times have changed and pulled us apart.” “Nothing left but wasted days.” “I'm prepared to leave but I'll never take you back.” Like the female voice in this song, the people of Egypt have found a new lover — call it freedom, democracy, or Twitter — and, Hosni, they never want to see your ass again.

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