Top 5 Most Excruciating Moments in Music Documentaries

We've yet to see Joaquin Phoenix documenting his own nervous breakdown in new movie I'm Still Here, but critics have been largely disgusted by what's on view. With that in mind, here are five other moments in music documentaries that have left us feeling queasy and depressed.

5. Jim Morrison Having His Spirit Slowly Broken in 2009's “When You're Strange” 
While we're thrilled that there's a movie about The Doors that doesn't feature Val Kilmer playing a cartoon character, When You're Strange is painful in its own way thanks to the fact that we get to watch Jim Morrison transforming, before our very eyes, from a cocky, fresh-faced imp into a slightly bloated, but somehow deflated and confused rock star who's thoroughly depressed by everything going on around him, and relying on booze and cocaine to turn off the pressures being foisted upon him by The Man. Major bummer.
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