Top Six Celebrities Who Should Never Sing Again

Brace yourself, everybody. Not content with torturing us back in 2006 with her debut album, Paris Hilton is apparently preparing to unleash a second one. So, in her honor and as a means to prepare ourselves, here's our list of the top six celebrities who should never make music ever again. Oh, and for the record, we will defend William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy's musical attempts 'til the day we die (K-Fed's lucky we couldn't find a good version of “Popozao” though).

6. Kevin Bacon with The Bacon Brothers, “Go My Way”

We like Kevin Bacon. He's a good dude. And his work in Footloose and Flatliners was stellar (seriously). What's more, he's not afraid to laugh at himself (did you see him on Will & Grace? It made us like Will & Grace). Unfortunately, when you're as famous as he is, people invite you onto their talk shows to play your music, even when your vocals are paper thin and the whole thing sounds like a boring late-1970s wedding band. Sorry, Kev. This ain't good.

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