Torche: Show Preview

As the years roll on, Torche grows increasingly disinterested in the typical dark and destructive vibes of metal, even though the Florida-and-Georgia-based band sounds heavy on a fundamental level. Harmonicraft, the band's third and latest full-length, makes its off-kilter M.O. immediately apparent with a bizarre, colorful cover that showcases My Little Pony-esque creatures vomiting rainbows and playing on clouds. The sonic contents continue the thread of melodic sludge-metal first perfected on 2008's ridiculously strong Meanderthal. The exultant “Snakes are Charmed” is what Mario might pump himself up with after saving the Princess for the 250th time, and hints of White Stripes-style blues ripple through “Walk It Off.” In fact, the whole Harmonicraft package is pretty much what you'd expect from one of the most playful and surprising bands in heavy music today.

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