Town Bizness Announce Debut Show

What do you get when you mix a hip-hop legend with some of the hottest local musicians around? Town Bizness. Having been one of the few local industry folks to hear significant portions of the upcoming Town Bizness album You Can't Take It With You, all I can say is hopes are high for this independent project, which takes frontmen Too Short and Martin Luther, matches them with frontwoman Silk-E, then completes the line-up with drummer Brian Collier, guitarist Jubu, bassist Elijah Baker, and keyboardist Kev Choice. If that sounds like a loaded deck, rest assured, it is.

The best part of Town Biz, though, is that for all the group's studio finesse, this is a band born to play live. But at this point, no one really knows how good Town Biz iz. This much I can tell you: not only is their sound funky and sprinkled with nuggets of game, but tickets  have just been announced for the newest Bay Area supergroup's debut performance, at the Grand Ballroom March 27, with special guest D'Wayne Wiggins. Save the date. It could be historic.

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