Track of the Day: Best Coast Hates Sleeping Alone

She recently swung through on tour with Vivian Girls, and Best Coast is making her way back to town next week for Noise Pop (she plays Cafe du Nord on Feb. 24). The one-woman project of LA's Bethany Cosentino has been hanging like a San Francisco fog in my headphones this month, thanks to the song “When I'm With You.”

The single is an angel/devil discussion about kicking around with a dude who her mama warned her full well about, but whom she falls for anyway, because, well, “The world is lazy, but you and me, we're just crazy.”

The song builds on Cosentino's layers of candied harmonies, distorted guitar, and peppy momentum, culminating in a girl-group chorus where the truth comes out: “I hate sleeping alone,” she admits as the song switches course. Even in her confusion, though, the singer/songwriter is enveloped in buoyant music, and the song itself, available for free from RCRDLBL, will probably do much to buoy her career as well. 

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