Track of the Day: Kev Choice's Awesome Anthem “The Bridge”

You don't know what you got til it's gone. And if you're a commuter, that mantra holds doubly true for the Bay Bridge. Last week's bridge shutdown caused massive migraines (and prevented us from hitting the Alameda Flea Market!). But difficult times can produce great art.

Local funk/jazz/soul aficionado Kev Choice (who leads the Kev Choice Ensemble) hit the studio to bang out a killer homage, a little anthem called “The Bridge.” The tune starts humorously–with a sample of “Bridge Over Troubled Waters.” Choice adopts a somber tone and announces, “after being down for nearly a week, the bridge finally opened up yesterday..we couldn't party in The City but we had a good time in The Town, right?”

From there “The Bridge” becomes a love song, with Choice listing off all his good memories with the bridge and all the good things it's brought to his life. “We can't have the bridge falling down,” he concludes in the chorus, “This ain't London…There may be other ways, but it ain't no better way to keep us moving through the Bay.”

Check out “The Bridge”, the fifth entry in Choice's Daily Dosage series.

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