Track of the Day: Phosphorescent's “Mermaid Parade”

I'll admit it: I'm totally stuck on latest folksy, beach- and country-bum record by Matthew Houck, aka Phosphorescent. His good-time jams are sunny even when he has the blues, as on my favorite track, “The Mermaid Parade,” displays. The tune has the requisite broken-heart twang, but it's the lyrics that really display the thought Houck puts into his songwriting: “Our hearts were on fire only two weeks ago/and our bodies were like live wires down on a beach in Mexico/Then I came back to this city, and you stayed home in LA/and our two years of marriage in two weeks somehow slipped away.” Ouch, man.

The song is off Phosphorescent's upcoming record, Here's To Taking It Easy, which came out yesterday, and there ain't a stinker in that bunch.

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