Trading spaces: local promoters' new house of cards

The latest installment in the House of Om mix series is a double-length effort from Colette and DJ Heather. Friends since forming the SuperJane collective in Chicago in the '90s, each turntable master has distinguished herself as a major player on the international house scene. As this collection evinces, they're more than DJs with impeccable timing, arranging, and ears for what will fill the dance floor. Colette sings live while spinning songs (by herself and others), a rarity in the field. Heather's smokier tone is more readily found on recorded cuts like “Picture of You” with the East Coast Boogiemen. With its irresistible low-end groove, that song is representative of the type of insistently funky booty-shakers that will be on offer as Colette, Heather, and friends present an in-person version of House of Om on Friday, June 23, at Mezzanine at 10 p.m. Admission is $15. Call 625-8880 or visit for more info. — Tamara Palmer

After a night of wobbling from club to club, abusing assorted substances, and, mercifully, forgetting all about it the next morning, typically you find your pockets brimming with various club fliers. Most of them, sadly, end up in the trash. But if you find yourself in the same predicament after Juan Garcia's “Tradeshow,” save what you come across in your smoke-stained jeans. You might discover the first in a series of the most precious little trading cards, featuring the mugs of local artists and scenesters who create San Francisco's world-class night-life scene — local icons Ryan Robles, Heklina, Joshua Grannell (aka Peaches Christ), and more. Tradeshow's kickoff includes performances by the immeasurably entertaining DJ Earworm, VJ Jim Hopkins, United By Sound, Juanita More!, and Supergigi, among others, on Friday, June 23, at BOCA at 9 p.m. Admission is $5. Visit for more info. — Brock Keeling

In 1995 Angelina Jolie gave cut-rate phreakers false hope when she starred as “Acid Burn” in the movie Hackers. See, there are no juicy-lipped female hackers. Just dudes. Pure sausage factory. Take, for instance, The Hacker. Haven't checked under the hood personally, but all signs point to dude. French dude, at that. Of course, as producer for coquettish circuit breaker Miss Kittin he's got some sex stench and knows a thing or two about how to flip crowds' switches. And, as an associate of Germany's International Deejay Gigolos, this Hacker's equally concerned with using computers to make robot dandies bump nasties. The Hacker flirts with industrial, EBM, robofunk, and other retro rhythms, but keeps the current current by bridging '80s silicon classics with eclectric tech-house tracks. As seen on the recent mix A.N.D.N.O.W. , the Hacker's goal seems to be to prove by way of frosty funk that glaciers can sweat balls. Bring your pouty lips to catch the Hacker live on Saturday, June 24, at BOCA at 9 p.m. Admission is $10-$12. Call 756-8890 or visit for more info. — Tony Ware

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