Treasure Island Day One: Chromeo and Cut Copy Get the Wild Crowds Moving

Cut Copy


Death From Above 1979, Battles, Dizzee Rascal, YACHT, The Naked & Famous

October 15, 2011

Treasure Island Music Festival

Better than: Any wanna-be Studio 54 club experience

The genius of Treasure Island Music Festival lies in the scheduling. There's the obvious: sets are staggered between two stages so you don't miss any acts. Then there's the subtle brilliance of separating genres between two days, allowing attendees to pick their festival experience.

Saturday focused on electronica, hip-hop, and dance. Compared with Sunday's lineup, which was filled with indie and mainstream rock, it's the “wilder” day of the festival (even in years without Death From Above 1979 booked).

This is apparent without even looking at the stage. The Saturday crowd has noticeably fewer parents with kids in cute headphones. Typical concert hijinx occur — the ever-present smell of marijuana, flashing of the on-stage camera when it pans the crowd, a guy who fastened a cup holder to the outside of his crutches. Within an arms length, you also witness next-level concert stereotypes. A girl squats down among the crowd to relieve herself in front of the stage. Minutes later, small groups disappear within the same space muttering something about “blow.”

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