Trentemøller Loves Mixing Indie Rock and Techno, But Don't Make Him Remix His Own Songs

A good producer knows how to blend melodies and beats seamlessly, but a truly knowledgeable one knows the origins of every note. Danish producer Anders Trentemøller started out his musical career in bands as a multi-instrumentalist before becoming a club DJ and producer. Two years ago, he made his name in the minimal techno/house scene with debut album The Last Resort, blending ethereal melodies with hauntingly rhythmic beats. His second album, Into The Great Wide Yonder, released last year, goes back to his roots and love of playing live instruments, which he layers with electronic sounds. While these two worlds might not seem to go together, Trentemøller exhibits how twanging guitars can complement stirring synths, and shows where techno and indie rock cross paths. You can experience what we can only describe as indie electronic techno rock (so basically Coachella in the melting pot) when Trentemøller plays alongside his live band Saturday at Mezzanine.

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