Two Shows to See This Weekend: Ekali and Myles Parrish

Vancouver's Ekali is "the most aesthetically and sonically pleasing one-man band" while Parrish, a native of Dublin, Calif., is best known for the Hyphy Holidays Tour.

10 p.m., Friday, Dec. 22, at 1015 Folsom. $10-$15;
Vancouver native Ekali has garnered the unofficial title of being both the most aesthetically and sonically pleasing one-man band. On his 42-stop world tour with Josh Pan, Y2K, and Medasin, Ekali has pulled out the red carpet for concert-goers with new music and a revamped look. The “Babylon” tour is an ode to the dark bass and light synthetic vibes that have been steaming off Ekali’s music lately, and they’ve been arranged for this eclectic tour. Between the natural lights bouncing off his DJ booth and the side-by-side placement of palm trees, Ekali has effortlessly turned every venue into a trap-house-meets-pop paradise. His most popular single, “Babylon,” features Denzel Curry, and its Odesza influence is a solid prelude to Ekali’s rising track, “Past Life,” created in collaboration with a duo of Yale graduates who call themselves Opia. The song opens with a piano riff that Alina Baraz would want to steal — and from then on, the buildup leaves every listener hungry for more. 

Myles Parrish
7 p.m., Friday, Dec. 22, at Slim’s. $21-45;
25-year-old Myles Parrish has been top-charting in the pop-rap scene for more than three years now. The Bay Area-born singer-songwriter is best known for his work years ago as a duo with Kalin White called “Myles and Kalin.” That ran its course in early 2016, and since then Myles has released the youthful, energetic mixtape Vomac and toured alongside house-name rappers Hoodie Allen and Luke Christopher on the recent “Hyphy Holidays Tour.” (For those who don’t know, “Vomac” refers to the name of the street that Parrish grew up on as a kid in Dublin, Calif.) On the introductory track of the same name, he raps about where he came from and where he is now, hoping his listeners also walk in the direction of their dreams and pursue what they love. Each track has a kick-back-and-relax feel alongside themes of reflection and an appreciation for the challenges and payoff Parrish has received during his career. The road ahead is only becoming brighter for him as we continue to see both his fan base and album listens across streaming services grow. 

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