Ty Segall Band's Punishing New Album Is Streaming Right Now

Be grateful: Ty Segall did not go soft or go pop on his his latest long-player. Oh, boy, did he not. Instead, the SF. garage-rocker — whose national profile has been steadily rising for the last several years — used the occasion of the first album he recorded with his touring band to blow shit up. The aptly named Slaughterhouse brokers heavy slabs of fuzz, some racing tempos, and Segall shredding his vocals with more anger and more abandon than we've ever heard before. The tunefulness of last year's Goodbye Bread isn't gone, it's just buried under a thick mat of ear-bleeding noise and injected with dynamite syrup.

All of which is to say that Slaughterhouse is very good — more definitive than Goodbye Bread and even wilder than 2010's Melted. The album sees official release next week, June 26 — but if you want, you can hear it right now.


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