Tycho, rum.gold Team on ‘Run Away’

SF producer and Brooklyn singer create spacey, ruminative track during quarantine.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent much of your morning toggling between a stack of applications and web browser tabs, attempting to work your way through a queue of tasks, and doing your best to ignore the low simmering existential dread burbling at the base of your skull.

But I’m not here to rehash the debate. I’m here to offer a fleeting salve in the form of a new single by San Francisco multi-instrumentalist and producer Tycho and rising Brooklyn singer-songwriter rum.gold. It is Tycho’s first collaboration with a male vocalist.

The new track, “Run Away,” is about a broken relationship — with a person, I think, not between a nation and the two hyper-polarized political parties that are failing it. Featuring a bouncy and compact beat, foggy synth swells, and breathy vocals, it is a feather-light tune about a heavier subject.

Full disclosure: anyone looking for a reprieve from the layered windows of their laptop screens won’t find it here. The music video, presumably captured during quarantine, cleverly captures Tycho and rum.gold’s long-distance internet collab — hinting at how the song was built — with overlapping QuickTime clips, an open Photoshop window, and lyrics, written in real time, in TextEdit.

Check out the clip below:

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