Tycho's Scott Hansen on His Next Album and People Sleeping to His Music

Tycho, the blissful electronic brainchild of Scott Hansen that's mutated into a live trio with guitar, bass, and real drums, made 2011's best easy listening disc. Dive accrued slow, deserved notice for its happier-Boards of Canada pop-scapes as on the unwinding pick hit “Hours.” Ahead of his show at the Fox Oakland tonight, the S.F.-based Hansen spoke to All Shook Down about becoming a band and how to take it when fans tell you they sleep to your sounds.

Your publicist just told me you're working on a new album. What can you tell me about that so far?

We kicked around ideas; I had some stuff, and Zac [Brown], bassist, was working on guitars and bass, we got some ideas together and went up to Tahoe last week — we have a studio up there — did a writing session and we just got back from that yesterday. We're in a really good spot, we're going to Santa Cruz for the next couple months to do recording and arranging, and hoping to get it in the next four months.

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