Update: Chilling New Details Emerge in Syko Sam Horrorcore Murders Case

New revelations have come to light in the case of “Skyo Sam” McCroskey, the 20 year-old Castro Valley wanna-be rapper, graphic designer, and alleged Santanic cultist, accused of murdering four people in Virginia last week, including his girlfriend, her best friend and her parents, a professor and a priest.

Virginia law enforcement authorities have determined the four were killed by blunt force trauma. News reports have also described McCrosky's seemingly calm behavior in the immediate aftermath of the murders; despite encountering law enforcement officers on two occasions, once at the victim's house, and once while driving a car belonging to one of the victims, McCroskey was not arrested until after the bodies were discovered, a day later.

A truck driver who gave McCroskey a ride and made small talk with him after the murders described the youth as having an odor consistent with rotting flesh. “He stunk like the devil,” the driver told the Associated Press.

Despite reports that he was bullied, McCroskey's sister has described him as “a quiet kid who got along with everybody.” Before deciding to become a horrorcore rapper a few months ago, McCroskey apparently spent large amounts of time in his room, playing violent video games and listing to heavy metal and horrorcore music. His alter-ego, Syko Sam, made numerous references in his music to “evil” voices in his head advising him to “murder continuously” and “take lives on a killing spree.” A YouTube video shows McCroskey bragging about defiling graves.

But those aren't the most disturbing details to emerge in this macabre case. According to Paul Calcagno, McCroskey was part of a Satanic cult who engaged in ritual music videos and idolized David Berkowitz, the 1970s NYC serial killer who called himself “the Son of Sam.” Calcagno is the author of a blog in which he describes meeting Syko Sam in 2006: “As a result of my personal experience with Sam and his affiliated “Horror Core” rap artists, I believe that New Mexico Rap Label “Serial Killing Records” is behind the grisly mass murder. Basically, I was an actor in one of their music videos. In the video they killed a priest, a Rabbi, a Muslim Cleric, and the Pope. Sam McCrosky killed a PASTOR IN REAL LIFE (Virginia pastor, Mark Niederbrock. )”

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